Gift  - Rolliez - Ice Cream Cake (I) - 0.5g


Gift - Rolliez - Ice Cream Cake (I) - 0.5g


Ice Cream Cake is a potent indica cannabis strain, created through the fusion of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. This variety provides tranquilizing effects that envelop both mind and body in total relaxation. The Ice Cream Cake strain boasts a luscious flavor profile, blending creamy undertones with sweet notes of vanilla and sugary dough. It's widely recognized by medicinal marijuana users as well as recreational consumers for its soothing properties which aid in alleviating pain, promoting sleep, and reducing anxiety levels. Ideal for evening use when your schedule is clear except for some TV time before drifting off to sleep; Ice Cream Cake weed offers an indulgent way to unwind.