Edibles Compared: Gummies vs Chocolates vs Beverages vs Tablets

By Harry B. Nuggs

Edibles Compared: Gummies vs Chocolates vs Beverages vs Tablets

If you're into some flavorful and sweet experiences, then you must be familiar with edibles. An edible is a cannabis-infused product that can be in the form of gummies, chocolates, tablets, beverages, and more. THC is the major cannabinoid component of these products. This is the reason why people are seeing edibles as an alternative to smoking or vaping. Now the question is, what's the difference between gummies, chocolates, beverages, and tablets? How do you decide what's best for you? Below are some of the categories of edibles including their characteristics, content, potency, and effects. 

Gummies: Characteristics and Effects

Edible gummies have vast flavors and simple dosing methods. Smokeland offers fruity flavors of edible gummies which are beneficial, especially for newbies. Gummies tend to act faster but last longer than other types of edibles. When it comes to availability in the market, it is easier and more convenient to find. 

Gummies can be used throughout the day which may give you higher energy and relaxation. Experts in cannabis healthcare recommend starting at a lower dose. This is ideal for newbies and people who react sensitively to the effects of THC. Specifically, you should:

  • Start at 2.5 mg dosage 

  • Increase the dose gradually

  • Wait for 2-3 hrs before having more

  • Consider gummies with more CBD 

Chocolates: Characteristics and Effects

Another type of edible is chocolate, one of the crowd's favorites. Who doesn't like chocolates? Chocolates contain tryptophan which helps the brain to make serotonin that will make consumers happy. It is an excellent product to infuse with cannabis. Chocolates have also fat that will prolong and protect the THC present in the product. The fats will stay longer in the body resulting in a consistent effect. If you wish to have a good sleep or a more relaxing experience, you should buy this product. 

Beverages: Characteristics and Effects

Cannabis-infused beverages are specifically designed for beginners. It has a lower potency level than other edibles so it won't make you feel too affected. Consuming beverages will make you feel the effects sooner. These beverages are often called "healthier alternatives" to alcohol. Some beverages are still highly potent but mostly designed with a lower potency level so you can consume it in one sitting. 

Cannabis-infused drinks come in various forms. This includes the following: 

  • Sparkling Water

  • Sodas

  • Coffee

  • Beer, wine, mocktails, and more!

Tablets: Characteristics and Effects

Pills, capsules, and tablets are simply cannabis in pill form. Cannabis here can also be in the form of extracted oil, decarboxylated flower, or single cannabinoids, such as THC or CBD.

This type of edible has a consistent and concrete dose to consume with long-lasting effects. It allows medical marijuana patients to dose the medicine quickly and accurately. Below are some examples:

  • Oil capsules that contain oily distillate, clear gel caps, 25 mg of THC, or higher. 

  • Flower capsules contain heated flower. THCA has converted to THC with decarboxylated flower.

Comparing Edible Types

Mentioned above are only a few of the cannabis edible types available in the market. Choosing the right one for you depends on your preferences and budget. While all of it has significant effects on your well-being, it's still important to be mindful and research the best one. 

Choosing chocolate edibles and other baked goods will give you higher fat content. It will take longer for the effects to be felt by your body but will surely last longer. 

  • With cannabis beverages, the THC is absorbed through your mouth directly into your digestive system making it react faster than other edibles.

  • Gummies are ideal for beginners and are an alternative edible that is easier to store than chocolates. Users will be more prone to feel the effects at a quicker rate. 

  • Lastly, THC tablets or pills will metabolize in the consumer's stomach like other edibles but with the edge of being free of sugar and calories. This is an ideal option for consumers who have strict diets.

Choosing the Right Edible

Gummies, chocolates, beverages, and tablets are edibles that have unique potency, flavors, and effects. It's hard to choose only one, when in reality- all are physically appetizing and provide for your needs. Despite this, always remember to do your research. This is important in order to avoid misconceptions, misuse, and overdosage of products. Some types of edibles might not be for you which can affect your overall well-being. One edible may reflect a higher dosage, which will be more difficult to absorb. Consider these factors to have a seamless experience. 

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