Smoakland’s new strain “GMO” is perfect for a quiet Sunday afternoon or evening.

By Conrad


Contrary to what you might think, GMO Cookies is not a genetically modified organism but a cross between Chemdawg D and a GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) 

Smoakland’s new strain “GMO” is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid perfect for a quiet Sunday afternoon or evening. It washes away distractions & helps with focus! For me it was a light, gentle smoke that put me into a deep thought after burning a bowl. Good for problem solving and clearing the mind.

You're gonna want to keep some of your favorite brain food, snacks and drinks nearby, because this strain will have you sitting and thinking deep. I’d recommend this strain be smoked after a busy day, if you really need to decompress, declutter thoughts, and reset.

I also noticed instant relief from stomach pain and sore muscles, GMO eases you into a relaxed state, a gentle high that's not overwhelming or dizzying. Perfect for weekends and relaxing outside with this beautiful weather. Smoakland’s GMO serves an amazing euphoric high and is mentally uplifting!