Reconnect with Smoakland's new Strain "Larry Bird"

By Bernadette


Over the weekend I enjoyed experiencing the hybrid strain “Larry Bird” Smoakland. This strain goes in the top 10 for me for “relaxation”. One hit and I was automatically washed over with calmness. This is a go-to strain for those who struggle with high-stress or anxiety so, make a night of it and order your supply from Smoakland, set aside some time for yourself and light up with this strain. The sweet and earthy flavor finishes with a fruity aftertaste and a hint of spice. I like to sip an herbal tea and unwind at the end of the long day with this strain in my pipe or rolled up in a nice blunt. Larry Bird has a dominant terpene called “Caryophyllene, more formally-β-caryophyllene, is a natural bicyclic sesquiterpene that is a constituent of many essential oils, especially clove oil, the oil from the stems and flowers of Syzygium aromaticum, the essential oil of Cannabis sativa, rosemary, and hops.”

I felt the effects of this terpene in many ways, but the most rewarding results are its medicinal and therapeutic abilities. I smoked this strain before embarking on a journey down my past and was inspired to call relatives and learn more about my family history, smoking Larry Bird put me in a state of ease and peace where I could receive this special gift from my ancestors and remove any distractions and negative thoughts. I learned so much and was present enough to ask the questions that got the answers I didn’t know I needed. This strain brought me peace and put me in a state of overall wellness and nostalgia, it put my mind at ease which allowed me to channel and remember. This is hands down one of my favorite strains from Smoakland, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to reconnect with themselves and with their past.