Mistah F.A.B. impresses 1000’s at Hiero Day with a 6 minute freestyle



If you weren’t familiar with Fabby Davis Jr (stop laughing… we know how crazy that hypothetical must sound,) seeing him at Hiero Day might have you scratching your head. If you watched him greet people at his Dope Era retail pop-up booth, you’d notice he’s got the business acumen of a Harvard B-school grad. After watching him warm up the Infinity Stage crowd for fellow legends Diamond D and Pete Rock & Yukmouth, you’d swear “this guy must be a stand-up comedian.” Certainly someone who walks through the crowd and says hello to every person he passes and stops for every picture or autograph request…maybe he’s a local politician?Yes, yes and yes. But please, please, please don’t forget his bread and butter. F.A.B. can SPIT.Along with his extensive body of studio albums and mixtapes, F.A.B. is highly regarded as one of the Town’s greatest all-around talents based on his ability to write songs that hit in both the club (Chris Brown’s “Loyal…” F.A.B. wrote that) and the streets while maintaining the ability to freestyle or battle at the drop of a hat.Seeing F.A.B. onstage at Sway Fest a week ago surely conjured memories of all his incredible Sirius-FM freestyles on the Sway in the Morning show (scroll down if you need a reminder!) Luckily, Oakland got the opportunity to watch F.A.B. freestyle live for SIX MINUTES a few weeks ago at Hiero Day. Check out the footage and give the man some love next time you see him at Dope Era (1764 Broadway!)