New Product Drop! Triple Platinum

By Jeff D

It is an exciting day here at Smoakland! We are running a no tax sale on all flower and we just added an amazing new strain to the website that can be ordered ASAP and I highly recommend doing so as this bud won't be around for long. Exclusive - Triple Platinum (H) - 28g is HERE! This strain is a cross of two very popular strains. The first one is the Double Platinum X Chem D strain, which has a high-powered and intense high that is sedative yet uplifting. The other one is the Platinum Cookies strain, which has a more mellow and relaxing high. This combination of these two strains creates the Triple Platinum which has an even more powerful and intense high than the Double platinum X Chem D, but still with that mellow, but strong feeling that can be great for those who are looking for relief from blues or chronic pain. The high begins with an initial head rush, followed by a sense of sedation. Some users have also reported an uplifting and creative feeling that covers you like a warm blanket. Give it a try and lets us know what you think.