Types of Edibles and How To Dose Marijuana

By P Willy


Have you been intrigued by the world of cannabis edibles (but not known where to begin)? We can hardly blame you! With so many different kinds of edibles, it’s difficult picking a starting point. Cookies or chocolates? Gummies or mints?

Relax. We’ve got you covered. In today’s post, we’ll share everything we know about edibles, including how they work, the types of edibles at dispensaries, and what kinds of edibles to buy for different effects.

Ready? Let’s get rolling. Erm, that is…tasting!

What Are the Different Types of Edibles? An Introduction

If you’ve visited our Edibles Menu, you know there’s seemingly no end to the different kinds you can try. But in one regard, they’re all the same: When we ingest a cannabis-infused edible, the THC and other cannabinoids are processed through the stomach and liver, leading to a very different experience than smoking or vaping.

For one thing, the onset (or time until full activation) is much longer, often as long as 60 - 90 minutes. For another, the experience also tends to last longer, in some cases up to 12 hours as opposed to 1 - 3. And finally, the subjective experience tends to be stronger when compared with a similar amount of smoked or vaped THC.

What does this mean for you? Start slow: Begin with a small dose of bite, then wait at least 90 minutes before having more. Why? All too often, people consume too much of an edible because the effects haven’t kicked in. While having too much of a cannabis edible won’t hurt you, some people find the experience unpleasant. And that’s the last thing we want you to feel!

Marijuana Edibles Types: Styles and Dosages

You’ve probably heard of marijuana brownies, but these days there’s so many other cannabis-infused edibles to try. From zingy mints to tangy fruit-flavored gummies to crunchy chocolate-chip cookies, there’s really no end to the types of edibles at dispensaries.

But this raises a question: What’s the right dosage? While that’s a very personal question, we’d like to offer some guidance on this very important point:

  • 1 – 5mg THC

This is generally regarded as the smallest of dosages, great for beginners along with those of us interested in microdosing cannabis. Along with mild relief of stress, anxiety, and other symptoms, many people experience heightened creativity here.

  • 5 – 15mg THC

This level of dosage is where you’ll begin to feel a heightened sense of euphoria. Along with increased symptom relief, you might also experience slight impairment of coordination and alteration of time perception.

  • 15 – 30mg THC

If you’re new to edibles, we recommend caution with these dosages. This is where newbies may experience paranoia, while seasoned users enjoy the heightened euphoria and relaxation. It’s a good choice for medical patients who have developed tolerances to lower doses.

  • 30 – 50mg THC

At this stage, most people experience impaired coordination and altered perception. It’s also where many consumers with a natural or developed tolerance to THC tend to feel strong subjective effects.

  • 50 – 100 mg THC

This level is for those very experienced with edibles. Even in seasoned consumers, negative side effects like paranoia and rapid heart rate can occur.

Types of Edibles at Dispensaries: Start Your Journey Now

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