Refreshing Experience

By Earnestine P.


I recently tried Smoakland’s Exotic - White Runtz and it was an amazing experience! The taste was intense and flavorful, with a cool clean finish that left me feeling refreshed. According to Weedmaps, White Runtz is known for its trichome-rich nugs and pleasantly sweet and fruity taste. I found that smoking this strain gave me a burst of energy and motivation that I really needed. It's definitely a strain that I will keep in my stash for those days when I need inspiration or a mood boost. Each hit brings with it a sense of excitement and inspiration, and I always feel like I'm tapping into my full potential when I smoke White Runtz. This strain is truly special, and I'm grateful that Smoakland has introduced it to their product line. Whether you're smoking a blunt or rolling a joint, White Runtz is the perfect strain to help you relax and feel euphoric with just a few hits. Its genetic lineage is a mix of Gelato and Zkittlez, which gives it a creamy, fruity flavor that's sure to put a smile on your face. So go ahead and roll yourself a motivational blunt, twist a transformative joint, or pack a bowl of positivity with this amazing crystalline flower!