Why Smoakland Can Offer Good Cannabis For Cheaper Prices

By Willy D

In recent years, the cannabis industry has exploded in popularity. With more and more states legalizing the use of recreational and medical marijuana, demand has skyrocketed. While demand is up, the typical falling prices of a developed market have not followed suit. In an effort to fix this, Smoakland is shaking up the market by offering record low prices up to 60% cheaper than competitors. 

Why Companies Mark Up Their Cannabis

It’s no secret that the alcoholic beverage industry charges crazy markups for their products. In fact, the average markup on beer is somewhere around 300%. Well, according to Marijuana Business Daily, the markup and profit on marijuana in states like California is much higher. 

Unlike other cannabis companies that mark up their prices to make a profit, Smoakland operates on a different business model. Smoakland is a California-based cannabis retailer that specializes in providing high-quality marijuana products at unbeatable prices. 

Smoakland sources products directly from growers, cutting out the middlemen and lowering the overall cost. This allows Smoakland to offer prices that are up to 60% lower than its competitors. This also allows for higher quality control, the ability to listen to and incorporate customer feedback, and to come out with exciting new strains and products on a regular basis.

Weed For The Everyday Smoker

Cannabis should be accessible to everyone for reasonable prices. With Smoakland’s cannabis delivery service the customer never has to sacrifice quality for affordability. 

  • flower strains for as low as $34.99/oz

  • top shelf buds only $69.99/oz

  • $19 fast-acting gummies

Smoakland is constantly looking for ways to increase quality and maintain value for the consumer. This is a stark contrast to other industries that have seen prices rise in recent years. For example, the cost of basic food and housing has gone up exponentially. The price of eggs skyrocketed 60% in 2022 when farmers saw an opportunity to price gouge in the market. 

The cannabis industry has seen many companies marking up prices to maximize profits over the last decade of recreational legalization. However, Smoakland is changing the game by offering record low prices and making marijuana more accessible to consumers. The more cannabis consumers know they can receive a high quality product for a fraction of the price, the more pressure will be placed on the industry as a whole to bring accessible cannabis to the people!