Good Tide (Hash Rosin) - Guava Gummies  - (H) - 100mg

Good Tide

Good Tide (Hash Rosin) - Guava Gummies - (H) - 100mg


Immerse yourself in a tropical oasis with Good Tide's Guava Gummies. These tantalizing treats are infused with solvent-free rosin, derived from meticulously chosen hybrid cannabis strains for an authentic and balanced high that mirrors the plant’s natural properties. Our guava gummies boast naturally present terpenes and minor cannabinoids, synergistically working alongside genuine fruit ingredients to deliver a well-rounded taste sensation. Enjoy this guiltless tropical retreat that whisks you away to paradise at each bite. Don't hesitate; plunge into your vacation now. Sample Good Tide's Guava Gummies today for the ultimate harmonious and tasty cannabis journey.